Not enough bars

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So I’m sure all of us have run into this at one point or another. There just aren’t enough bars! You may end up with twice as many (or more) kids in a group than bars that you have. But even when you don’t have the ideal set-up we still need to do our best to prepare our gymnasts. So today I’m going to share a couple videos of side stations that will help improve your bars without having to use them.

This first one is definitely a staple for me. You can either do it on stall bars like this, or you can do on a springboard with gymnasts bending their arms and holding onto the top of the springboard.

This second one is a fantastic set-up that will definitely help your gymnasts with their shaping and body tension. Gymnasts need to be able to keep pressure on the bar and this set-up works well for that.

Train hard!

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  1. […] also drills to start introducing higher-level skills the right way. My favorite blog right now is Swing Big. She always has great ideas and tips. I linked you to her post about not having enough bar stations […]

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