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Today I’m going to talk a little bit about making kids feel safe. No matter what skill, no matter what level our goal when teaching skills beyond using good drills and progressions should be to eliminate fear when possible. That way gymnasts can focus on form, technique etc. While each new step may bring a little fear, if we have used good progressions and the gymnast has experienced success on the previous steps the fear is much less. Here are a couple examples.

This is a set-up that I really, really like. It eliminates the fear of falling forward that a lot of young gymnasts have, and allows them to learn how to control their squat-ons in a safe environment.

This second is a set-up for pak saltos. Again, they’re starting on the low bar, spotted, gaining confidence in a safe environment. Making your gymnast feel safe when learning any skill but especially bigger skills is SO, SO, SO important.

Train hard!

Photo Credit:
Brian Jones

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