New Warm-Up Ideas

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Today I wanted to share some new ideas for warm-ups. I often find that especially with rec classes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same warm-up week in and week out. And while repetition does have A LOT of merit – it’s always nice to have have new ways to mix things up.  I really liked the two following warm-up ideas because the are emphasizing the repetition of things we want to drill in lower level classes but they are doing it ways that may be more fun.

New warm-up ideas

This first one is a cute little shapes game. I might multiply the seconds by 5 and not 10. Ie. if you roll a 6 you hold the shape for 30 seconds. That might keep it moving a little better. But I like that the kids are engaged, flipping over cards etc. You can even add in something where you ask them after they flip it over what the most important thing to do is when holding that shape. That gets them thinking as well.

As is pretty well known, I love circuits. I think it keeps kids engaged, having fun, and limits talking. Here is a nice little circuit for warm-ups that drills a lot of essential shapes and skills.

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