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Hi All,

I have to say, I was SO excited this morning when I woke up. I looked at my YouTube subscriptions and Daniel McCarty has posted one of my favorite round-off drills ever. Needless to say I changed the post I had planned for today to post it. Round-offs are so, so, so important, not only because of the tumbling that comes after them, but also YURCHENKOS PEOPLE. If your kids have messed up round-offs with arched backs etc, the fact is they are not going to be consistent onto the board in their yurchenkos and that is DANGEROUS.

Alright, rant over. Favorite drill ever right here. Seriously have your kids do it a million times. Have them do it every day. Make sure they understand the body shaping and head movement. It will make SUCH a difference in their round-offs. And please, please please have them working stuff like this before they start trying round-offs.

I really, really like this second drill as well, though I would definitely leave it for the more advanced kids. Until they can round-off well with flat hips DOWN off of a panel mat (front foot and hands on panel mat), I normally don’t want them round-offing onto a surface the same height. That being said, once you have a nice round-off down off a panel mat, this is a good place to go. Especially with the emphasis on the flat hips.

Train hard!

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