More ways to use your strap bar

I wanted to share a few videos today of things you may or may not be doing right now on strap bar. As we head into off season strap bar can be a huge asset. I know some coaches have problems getting every girl a turn each day – here is one solution. Have them both strap in at once. That way there is no lag time between girls. I think it’s Enrique Trabinino who makes the girl on the bar keep going until the second one is strapped in. There is serious incentive there to strap in quicker. Anyways, onto the videos.

More ways to use strap bar

This is one you don’t even need straps for. Hanging from the PVC on strap bar is great for grip and forearm strength. You can also do shuffles down the bar like that.

If you’ve got gymnasts who are flexible enough this is a great step in inbar drills. I would spot it first or make sure they are on a low strap bar where they can put their feet on the ground. They start with a sole circle, then pull their feet back off the bar (which they get pretty quickly), and then they can play with the timing of the opening pretty easily.

This next one is one I LOVE. It emphasizes toes coming over the top first in a giant SO WELL. It’s worth going back to this kind of work if you’ve got kids that arch over the top of the bar (that isn’t going to pirouette very well).

This last one is just a basic stalder drill – but if you’re having trouble figuring out how to spot them, this is one way. You can also grab from the hips, but I think that’s a little harder for some people, so this is a great easy way to start out spotting.

Train hard!

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