More things to do with therabands

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It I had nothing else in the gym besides therabands and physio balls (equipment not included) I would probably be pretty happy. Okay, maybe throw floor bars in there too, but still. Therabands are my go to for flexibility, strength, rehab and prehab and lots and lots of my drills. That being said, I see a lot of people getting stuck just using them for split jumps or kicks, and there is so much else you can do with them that I wanted to share some videos today.

Even more things to do with therabands

For all of you who may get stuck only using your stall bars for leg lifts this is another great way for gymnasts to strengthen their core, and break the monotony.

Shoulder flexibility is one of those things that I talk about a lot, and that’s partially because I see that a lot of programs lose sight of it as their gymnasts move into optional levels. These are quick easy stations that your gymnasts can do in between beam and bar turns.

Rehab and Prehab are incredibly important in our sport, but they are also fairly easy to implement if you can find the time. If you’ve already got the bands out, this is a great prehab station for strengthening the glute muscles.

This last video uses a loop band but you can always cut and tie a shorter theraband that will work as well. Again, easy stations to do in between bars turns.

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