More ideas for flexibility

It’s really easy to get stuck doing oversplits and jumps with with a theraband, so today, especially as people are winding down from state meets, regionals etc I wanted to share some more ideas for developing flexibility.

Dance training

I really like the concept of this as it’s so easy for kids to lose their posture during kicks, also they are easy to get bored of. This at least lets them get many of the same benefits (if not more) – while not having to do EXACTLY the same thing day after day.

If you are going to do kicks every day, here is another way you might think about doing them, especially if you’ve got ballet bars in your gym. One of the reasons I like these combinations is that they make kids think, a lot of the time by kick number 4 or 5 they’ve forgotten what they’re supposed to be focusing on and are just wanting to get to the other end of the floor.

Here is another great kick complex, and what I like about this one is that it starts incorperating a real dance aspect into the kicks. I think a lot of the time we separate the true dance/choreography on beam and floor from the skills (including kicks) – and the more we can connect those two things fluidly the better beam and floor is going to be.

This is one GREAT stretch that I think gets overlooked a lot for other things. You might be surprised how tight some of your kids are or how much this stretches them. This is one of the ones that I’ve often found kids will do on their own once you introduce it, because it’s something that they may not feel gets stretched enough in the warm-up.

 Train hard!

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