Little kids, big giants!

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So I think I like the format of yesterday’s post where it focused on a single skill. I definitely won’t do it every day, but I decided to do one more like it today. Today’s post is focused on giants. Teaching proper shapes and technique in giants is hard, and there are a lot of different methods for how gymnasts should start them. That being said, teaching gymnasts proper shapes is SO NECESSARY. In order for children to be successful pirouetting, releasing etc. we need to make sure we are teaching giants well.

This first video is of coach Enrique Trabanino, and how he teaches giants. This is my personal preferred technique. This video shows giants coming from a tap swing, but this method can be used with a cast as well. The top is over-hollowed, which I like as it typically prevents archy giants. But also, I think the way this is taught prevents the early shift that causes bent arms.

This second video is a variation of the 3/4 giants seen above, preformed on strap bar. I personally love this drill, but it requires a huge amount of body tension, so be sure your gymnasts understand that that’s the only way the drill will work (and also be safe).

Ankle Weights are SUPER useful when teaching tap swings and giants.

Train hard!
teaching shapes in giants

Photo Credit: Erin Costa


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    Thank you for sharing such great tips!

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