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Hi All,

So it seems that more than anything in the world this week I want to be back coaching. I have changed every one of my lists (warm-up, conditioning, flex, beam complex, floor complex) several times in the last week. So many ideas floating around, no kids to try them on. So since I did warm-up videos yesterday, I thought I’d share another set of conditioning videos today.

This first video mostly got me thinking of set-up. As you guys may have seen from reading here I’m a HUGE circuit fan. But I’ve seen and also used this set-up before. Might be something to come back to, hmmmmm. So many thoughts.

This second video is of kids practicing their physical abilities conditioning, so nothing too novel in terms of what they’re doing. But GAHHH, look at those shapes! Beautiful! Something we should all be striving for.

What does your conditioning list look like?

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