Keeping it fun

Hi All,

So I have to say, I find teaching front handsprings on vault a little monotonous at times. There are only so many times I can stand to watch kids go over the table. So I try to set-up a whole bunch of stations on vault. Partner running drills, board drills etc. Anything really to keep it from me having to watch 217 front handsprings in a given practice, but things that will improve their vault nonetheless.

This first drill is one I know a lot of people use. I personally like setting this one up into the pit if you can. It’s an added bit of fun, and sometimes it’s hard to set it up to that if kids go crooked they’re still protected depending on your gym set up.

This second one is, SO EASY and SO QUICK. You can add it as a side station on vault, or if you pull out panel mats for your warm-up you could even do it there. Just give your kids one more thing to do instead of just going over the table.

What ever you do, keep it fun and interesting!

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