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So there was an end to that sentence that was the title, and that is “I’ve never found a coach who complained of too much time in practice.” It seems like all of us are always running up against a clock. How long is practice? How much can I fit in? Do we have time for that? How long are rotations? So I thought I’d share a couple videos of the things today I wish I had MORE time for.

This first video is one from TOPs camp. Dance is SO, SO, SO important in my mind. And doing some form of dance workout every week is really important to me. But sometimes during season especially when you want to get those numbers in, some things fall through the cracks. And this is one of those things that typically gets lost with me.

This second video is a nice little bars drills, and I’m kind of using this drill to generalize. I’m always debating where to be when I’m on bars. I’m a coach who REALLY likes to spot for shapes, but if I’m in one place, I can’t be in another. So it ends up being a balancing act of moving myself from one actual bar, to various side stations where I think a spot could be helpful. And some drills you just can’t do without a spot.

// Tramp Bar //

What do you wish you had more time for?

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