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Alright so a lot of you are starting your compulsory season (or are going to soon). So I thought it would be a good time to do a post about skills in the compulsory bar routines. Both of these videos are by the lovely Jason Mortimer (aka JAOVideos).

This first one is on one of my least favorite things to judge, compulsory tap swings. Let me just say, they can be TERRIFYING. Please, please, I am begging all of you coaches. Take your time on this skill. Not only will it serve your gymnasts down the line especially with things like giants, but it will keep them safe. The actual act of performing tap swings should only be done once kids have mastered the shapes required and not just getting into those shapes, but holding them.

Ankle Weights // Floor Bars // Octagons // Handspring Trainers (pac mans) // Barrels (Logs)

This second one is another nice video of drills Jason did for backhip circles. Teaching your kids to straight-arm backhip circle in the right shape from the beginning will save you so much time down the line. Again, as said above. Please, don’t have kids attempt backhip circles until their body tension is good enough.

Train hard!

Ankle Weights // Floor Bars // Octagons // Handspring Trainers (pac mans) // Barrels (Logs)

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