It’s That Time Again

Hi All,

Alright so in my brain it’s that time again. Time to re-evaluate what I put in warm-ups and complexes. Every once in a while (more often than I might like), I decide it’s time to redo all of my lists in order to address what I think are strengths and weaknesses in gymnastics I’m seeing, what skills I want to be teaching etc. So right now I’m kind of going through that phase, trying to figure out how to fit what is most useful into warm-ups and complexes yet still keeping them short enough, and effective. Here are a couple videos you might like.

This warm-up was posted by Casie Millhouse, I’m starting to have a real thing for choreographed warm-ups. If you have a problem with kids talking during warm-ups this might be a good route for you. Honestly watching other peoples warm-ups is one of my favorite things ever. I’m a sucker for staying extra sessions at meets to watch warm-ups if nothing else.

Train hard!

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