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So it’s not always about throwing the big skills, or the number of hours you’re putting into the gym. Granted these things are important. But sometimes the stuff that seems mundane, the ankle and wrist conditioning that sometimes gets skipped over, the back exercises that the physical therapist prescribed that we sometimes forget to do..they’re just as if not even more important in terms of ensuring our athletes success. Making sure our athletes are healthy enough for their bodies to be able to handle what we ask of them is of the utmost importance.

This first video is of some GREAT ankle strength and rehab ideas. If this kind of work isn’t incorporated into your workouts I would highly encourage it. It doesn’t take long a few minutes every day. But the effects of doing these “pre-hab” type things in your workouts can have dramatic effects on injury rates.

This second video is of Tumbl Trak’s balance disk. It’s fantastic for ankle and wrist conditioning. There are some good ideas in the video, but I’m sure you can come up with some more on your own. There is even more fun to be had if you have two of them (the possibilities are endless).

Great products for pre-hab/rehab and wrist/ankle strengthening

Stability Disk // Bosu Ball

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Jeff Bartee

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