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Today I’m going to talk a little about beam. Beam is one of those things that is a tough combination of strength/power and grace. How do we get kids strong and confident enough to tumble well one beam, while at the same time keeping everything graceful in the limited time that we have to coach this event. I think a lot of it comes down to time management, making sure that all complexes incorporate both of those things, and that nothing gets overlooked. Here are two videos at opposite ends of one another. But I have to say both have things that should be in your complexes.

This first video was posted by Mary Lee Tracy. Personally, I love using jump ropes on beam. Be mindful though when you first start. Have kids start on the low beam. All of these drills can be done without the weight too. But these are great drills for core and leg work for your gymnasts, and for getting them confident on beam.

If you don’t want to use kettle balls or weight balls on beam these Hand Glove Weights are a FANTASTIC option.

// Hand Glove Weights //


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