It’ll be worth it – Using time effectively in workouts

Hi All,

Today I’m going to talk about little things (well, actually, they end up being big things) that are worth adding to you work out everyday. Often coaches complain that there just isn’t enough time in their workouts or they don’t have enough equipment , and their kids can’t get their turns in etc. But I personally think a HUGE part of it is using your workout time effectively. That means as soon as kids hope down off of beam or bars or get done tumbling they should be able to go straight to something else, knowing what they’re supposed to be doing.

This first video is a video of a whole bunch of flexibility work that can be done on beam, near beam, or as beam side stations. Kids don’t always need to be conditioning in between turns, sometimes stretching and flexibility work is just as, if not more effective.

This second video is of a set of wrist strengthening exercises. It’s easy enough to stick a whole bunch of therabands to beams or to basically anything around the gym. Have kids have a set number of each exercise they are supposed to get done each day no matter what, whenever they are waiting for a turn. It will minimize down time, and cut down on injury rates.

The therabands used in this video can be found here. They can be used for wrist and ankle rehab/pre-hab but also as resistance in leaps and jumps (I recommend buying as many as you can, you can never have too many).

In a nutshell:

– You need to use our time in the gym wisely. Make sure that there are always USEFUL things to do, and that your athletes have the equipment they need to do them.

– Figure out what your weaknesses are and build your idle time stations around those, this is where you’ll get the most for your time.

– Don’t change it up too much. 1) New directions take a lot of time – stick to your stations for a while, don’t waste time giving instructions. 2) You don’t know if what you’re doing is working unless you give it some time.

– If you still need more ideas and/or help – clinics are a great way to learn more stations and drills – and really focus in on how to best use your time.

Train hard!

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