It takes time to develop yurchenkos

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Alright so lets talk flipping vaults. They take time A LOT of time. Especially for kids to get comfortable with the rhythm of them. You don’t want to just stick a timer on the table and two turns later tell a kid to flip it. No. Starting to teach kids the FEELING of flipping vaults early is completely essential. It will eliminate so many fear problems down the line.

Taking the time to develop yurchenko vaults

This is a very nice set-up good for giving kids confidence. It’s an easy way to give kids a good impression of the feeling early on, and it makes them feel just like the big kids vaulting. It’s also a pretty decent spot to fix some of the major problems that come about.

If you’ve got a level 4 mat laying around this second drill is a great one to set up. It can help with 1) shape contacting the horse but also learning the turn over that needs to come after the horse. That being said if you use drills like this exclusively I think it diminishes the rise off the table. I would definitely supplement it with yurchenko timers on the vault going up to stacked mats significantly above the vault.

If you would like to find more drills like these click here for my mini ebook on beginning yurchenko progressions – Beginning Yurchenko Progressions

Train hard!

// Round-off Mat //

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