Interesting Ideas

So today I’m going to talk a little about interesting ideas. Or well, at least, ideas I find interesting/might not have thought of on my own. These two videos are from Tammy Biggs, who has some really interesting ideas about what kids should be doing on beam.

This first video is of sideways handstand walks on the beam (I’ve mentioned these before), this is SUPER helpful for helping kids understand where vertical is, and it’s just something that I don’t think would have ever crossed my mind before I saw kids doing it.

This second video is something I’ve actually incorporated with pretty much all of my gymnasts (who have the flexibility). I use various versions of it from before kids learn back walkovers. I start with it once kids can backbend. I then have them move on to the one leg backbend (no standing up), and that’s a prerequisite of mine before teaching kids back walkovers. But as they get older sticking it on the beam is a FABULOUS idea.

Train hard!

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