Insisting on correctness

Hi All,

So, today I’m actually going to post some videos of BOYS (gasp!). No, but really, these boys are doing skills that are mechanically pretty much the same for boys and girls and these videos are a fantastic illustration of insisting on correctness.

This first video has some really nice spotting of the gymnasts at the beginning to teach effective back handsprings with good shapes. I’m a huge proponent of spotting for shapes (and no, I will never stop repeating that). And this is a perfect example. I would rather spot 100 of these than have a kid chuck a frog knees back handspring.

This second one is a video of front layout drills. Again, as you can see, the skill is broken down for the gymnast into TINY little pieces for a LONG TIME before the gymnast is allowed to attempt by himself. Shapes and technique always need to come first.

Train hard!

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