Ideas for Working Circles in Summer

Hi All,

Today I thought I would provide some ideas for set-ups and ideas that you may have a little more time for as we are heading into the off season. My view is that people should always be uptraining (even in season), but some stations and things just aren’t possible all the time. During the summer our time is often a little more flexible and we can play around with more ideas/set more things up.

This first drill is one that I know a lot of gyms use, but sometimes blocks are just too far away to move or they are being used by someone else. It’s a great way to let gymnasts play around with clear hips in a way where they can build confidence. The piece of foam being tied to the bar can make a big difference in getting kids away from the bar and helping with those backhip circle like clear hips.

This second one is a drill for stalders that is fun to play around with. I like this drill because by going from a bent knee circle to the mini stalder (not going to handstand), it helps gymnasts who may still be figuring out how to drop into that compression shape get there at the correct time. It’s a nice way to start introducing stalders on the bar.

Train hard!


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