I dream of beam

Hi All,

The sad thing is, the title today is true in a very literal sense. There have been some very strange dreams lately including me teaching semi odd things like onodi’s, but I digress. There are lots of fun and/or effective beam drills. Here are a couple videos that have some.

Dance training

This first video is one about tumbling up (and down) for beam. These turn into great side stations, or can even be added to warm-up or conditioning lists. Wherever it ends up fitting best in your program. But I’ll add one more note, I’m a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE proponent of tumbling up for beam.

This second video is actually a video of kicks and things of the like. But this stuff is PERFECT to add to a beam complex, whether it’s done on the ground before you get on the beam, or actually on the beam. Oh, btw, watch from 0:12 – 0:20…great sequence to do on the beam..though I would do it without the knee bending.

For more drills and exercises to create strong, confident, technically correct beam workers look here:
Building Up Beam: Drills to Build Confidence and Correctness

Train hard!

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