Holy compulsory bar routines Batman!

Hi All,

Alright, not so many drills today. I just wanted to share a couple really nice NEW compulsory bar routines. New routines are fun, but they are often accompanied by a dip in scores in many states. It’s always really nice to see those who are taking the new routines in stride and performing them really well.

This first routine was posted by Daniel McCarty. It’s the new level 4 bar routine. All I can say is WOW. This is just lovely to watch. I actually watched it like 6 times when I first saw it. Very impressive.

This second video is a very nice video of a level 3 bar routine from one of Jason Mortimer’s kids. Loving the straight arm kip.

If you need help with kips you can find my pdf on them here: Kip Drills and Conditioning

Train hard!

compulsory bars

Photo Credit:
Heather Maynez

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