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So today’s post is about Tkachevs. This is one of those skills where there are literally 10,000 drills. A lot of them are the same idea at different angles with different equipement etc. The following videos each have several useful drills. Tkatchevs are another one of those skills that you only can do so many of. There are only so many times you can get up on the high bar and take a good turn during practice. A lot of these drills are helpful in building muscle memory.

This first video has one drill which I especially like which is doing a tkatchev timer/drill without straddling. I think by taking out one of the elements of the skills it allows the gymnast to focus more on the others. On another note, you can also do that on a high bar ie. gymnast performs a tkachev with their legs together and ends standing on the bar (a heavy spot is required).

The second video does duplicate a lot of the drills from the first video but also adds a fair amount. Together with the drills in the first video, it will provide you a very useful list of drills. Remember, not every drill works for every kid in every situation.

// Quick Flex Bar // Forster Bar //

How do you teach Tkachevs?

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