Hate it or love it

Hi All,

So I’m going to do a post about compulsory bars today. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with them. I think it may be less hate this cycle because I like the new level 4 bar routine much more. But still, come on, it’s compulsory bars. We see scary things, we see ugly things, it’s a steep learning curve etc.

This first drill/idea is by the lovely Jason Mortimer (JAOVideos). Extension on glide kips is ever so important. If only (and it’s not really if only) because the deduction in compulsory levels is up to .2 instead of the .1 it is for optionals.

This second video is actually a drill I hadn’t seen before for shoot throughs (I can almost also see it being used for general shaping purposes). I think it might be hard for little ones to keep that back leg straight which might be my only concern. But other than that I love it. Especially with the fact that they are rocking their shoulders over the bar.

Train hard!

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