Today I’ve compiled some great videos that will help our gymnasts develop a beautiful glide like the one in this video.


It is amazing what a nice glide can do for a bar routine. I tell my gymnasts, “If the glide is sloppy, the kip will be sloppy.” This same principle applies to the run for vault, the round-off for the Back Hand Spring, and so forth. These videos are all about training and developing the perfect glide shapes so when you start kipping, the glide isn’t a problem.
Glide drills

This first video shows some great glide drills to use as side stations. And just as he says, taking the time to explain the shapes in the glide will pay off in the end.

0:00 – 2:56

This drill is one I see done all the time, and that’s because it works! The one thing to look out for is to make sure the gymnast is opening her his without overextending her shoulders and sticking her rips out. I’ve found having something in front of them to aim their toes at helps with that. It gives them a clear view on if their legs are too low (due to an excessive arch) or if their legs are too high (piked).

This is the same drill as above only with a foam roller and slider.

Here is a great bar complex to add into your pre-team, and levels 3 & 4 bar warm up. I especially love the bar blocks and the bar shakes, not only do young gymnasts find them fun, but they do a great job at developing the tension needed for a nice glide.

This next drill will work wonders for shapes in a glide. The key is to not let the feet drop. It takes a bit to figure out when they first try it, but the time is well worth it!

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Video 1: Ziggyjzigs

Video 2: Nathan Comes

Video 3: Arizona Dynamics

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