Getting Over The Bar

Hi All,

Today’s theme is going to be getting over the bar. Whether that means getting your hips over the bar to get to handstand, turning over the bar for handstand periods, or getting over the bar in giants. I’m going to she a couple videos that may help your gymnasts.

This first video goes really fast. It can be a static station or you can start in a front support and then lean. Either way I suggest pausing the video as soon as it starts so you can see the set-up and position clearly. Teaching gymnasts to lean over the bar (and not be scared of it) while not bending their arms is something that needs to happen early.

This second video (start at about the ten second mark) is a nice exercise that I really like to do…well, basically as soon as they have the shapes for it. Primarily I think it builds confidence and muscle memory. My personal belief is that the more times you do this drill and ones like it, the less likelihood of ending up with archy, bent arm, head sticking out giants.

Train hard!

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