Fun Friday – Front handspring front handspring front vaults

Hi All!

I hope your week went exceptionally well. It has been a very busy week here in New Orleans, but that seems very much to be the standard of late. I thought I would share a vault today that I had totally forgotten about. I believe the tucked version is called and Ilg and the piked version is called a Garbarino (someone please correct me if I’m wrong here). Have any of you had your gymnasts try this vault? If so leave a comment and tell me how it went!

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  1. Jamie o Toole says:

    Hi is this an fig vault can you tell me? Thanks

  2. Kevin Anderson says:


    That sure is a fun vault, isn’t it? While coaching at Western Michigan University, I had the privilege of working with Kristine Garbarino, who first competed the vault at JO Nationals; the vault is named after her. She came into college already pretty comfortable with it, so we spent most of our time just tweaking it. Then, we taught the vault from the beginning to another gymnast on the team a year ahead of Kristine, who had previously competed handspring-fronts and front pikes. She ended up having a beautiful handspring-handspring front pike. Although we never put it onto hard mats, Kristine also played around with handspring-handspring front 1/2s into open foam!


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