Fun Friday #3

Hi All!

I just LOVE Fun Fridays! It the time of the week I get to share all the new cool/fun videos I’ve found that don’t really fit in any other category.

This first video is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite floor routines. I wish I could have found a version of it with less commentary, but neverless it’s worth watching. The choreography is just great!

For the second video: I know I don’t post a lot of elite stuff on here. But this is TOO MUCH FUN to watch. Seriously. I watched this routine like four times in a row when I first saw it. Tell me what you think!

What are your favorite videos? Feel free to post links!

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  1. Peace says:

    That back toss shoot to handstand in the second video was pretty cool.

    Thank you for posting all these videos. It is nice to be reminded of drills I’ve not used in awhile, and some that are new. Please keep it up.

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