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Back handsprings are one of those skills that gymnasts are going to use throughout their entire career. It follows them from floor and tumbling, to beam series’, to yurchenkos etc. It’s one of those things you really want to get right to begin with, and have to continue to work on all throughout their career.

This first video is of a fairly typical (but very effective) back handspring drill. Teaching kids how to jump, and push through their toes (among other things), by having them back handspring over a panel mat.

This second video is of another fairly typical snap down back handspring drill. Helping gymnasts develop speed and power by doing back handsprings in a series. It’s always fun when they get older/better as well and you can start adding tucks, layouts and fulls to the end of the series. I also appreciate the fact that they have 4” ers down. Protecting kids from early overuse injuries is important.

Train hard!

Back handspring drills

Photo Credit: Erin Costa

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