Floor complex thoughts and ideas (Part #1)

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So I did a post last week about rethinking/changing warm-ups for summer, so I thought this was a perfect time to extrapolate on that, and talk about floor complexes. These complexes vary HUGELY from coach to coach, especially in terms of where they place the emphasis, but it’s always good to take a look at what other people may be doing and see how that may or may not fit into your programs needs. I put part #1 in the title, because I think I will continue adding to this series throughout the summer.

This first video is a short, sweet video from Mary Lee Tracy. Really, how your gymnasts stand when they are at the beginning of their turn sets the tone for the entire pass. If your gymnasts aren’t focused on what their toes are doing when they are preparing, they sure as heck won’t be when they are upside down. Make sure your gymnasts are entirely focused on form, and don’t back down on it.

This second video is a great series of drills and roles that mostly pertain to bars, but are fantastic to add to a complex. Often it’s hard to get enough turns in on bars, and it’s the event a lot of gyms struggle with so adding some of your bars stuff to your floor complex is a good way to get more time in.

This third video is just a nice demonstration of handstand walks which are an incredibly important part of complexes. They contribute greatly to shoulder strength, and body awareness for gymnasts.

Train hard!

rethinking gymnastics complexes

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