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Today I’m going to share a couple videos on handstands. I have to say, I’m not a HUGE fan of letting kids try handstands by themselves right off the bat in rec classes. I think a lot of things can go wrong. Their arms collapse, they get scared, they don’t know how to fall properly etc. I prefer to use A LOT of different progressions for a while until they have some arm strength and some general body awareness.

This first drill is both my favorite and my most commonly used drill. Though I have my kids point their feet. It generally gets kids in a pretty good body position and helps build strength and confidence. Once kids are proficient I start having them lift one leg, and then the other.

This second one is also one I like though I would generally turn the block so the short end was up. I use this for more advanced kids who I want to start working handstand holds, but I don’t want them having the full support of a wall. This makes it so part of their body is supported, but they are still doing more work than they would with a partner or against a wall.

Train hard!

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