Fixing the Epidemic of Bent Kneed Back Handsprings – Part 2

Hi All,

Today I am going to talk a little bit about back handsprings. I did this post a while ago: Fixing the Epidemic. But today I thought I would share a few more videos that are very valuable. If we work hard, use good progressions, and insist on excellence, we can fix the epidemic of scary (and ugly) back handsprings.

Even more back handspring drills

This first video is, in general a drill that I really like. I’m not a huge fan of the pike at the beginning, I’ve heard various arguments both for and against it. Me? I’m generally against it, but I really like the rest of the drill. If you do it, the one thing I would watch out for is making sure the gymnasts hips get all the way open.

This second drill is also one a very much like for a few reasons. 1) the gymnast has slightly more time to turn over because the mat is at an incline 2) SINCE the mat is at an incline it automatically puts the gymnasts motion going backwards, this gives them a better feeling of who the back handspring should go.

Train hard!

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