Creating amazing gymnastics shapes

Hi All,

Today I’m going to share a couple body shaping drills that I really like. Both of these are quick, they are great to do as side stations and they will have a big impact on your gymnasts. I find it really important to build these kinds of stations into practices every day. Even if it’s just your kids knowing that after every bar turn they go do two turns of x shaping drill. That builds up dramatically over time.

This first one is GREAT for little ones. Since it’s stationary it’s easier to poke and prod them and REALLY get them in the shape you want them to be in.

This second one is one I found a few weeks ago and love. It really looks like a good drill. That being said I’m not 100% positive how it is set-up. I believe that that is rope she is holding onto, but I could be wrong.

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Brian Jones

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  1. I like the second better.

    If only for safety reasons. I’d hate to see a little one collapse between the boards.

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