Teaching gymnasts to find correct body shapes

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So today I’m going to talk a little about body shapes. I must say when talking to my gymnasts one of the most frequent things that comes out of my mouth is “can we have one shape? Instead of like…oh, 27?” But not only am I looking for their body to be in just one shape, I want it to be in the RIGHT shape. So here are some drills that might help.

Teaching gymnasts to be straight

This first drill is a video post by Al Fong to help with body tension, straight knees etc. It’s great, and I think the partner aspect of it gives a lot to it.

This second drill was posted by Mary Lee Tracy. I have to say, I really really like this drill for some things, ie. the shaping aspect of it. And am a little wary of it for other reasons, I don’t like kids feet moving backwards that far behind their hands, because it doesn’t really teach them to lift their hips. But for the purposes of this blog post I feel it fits in well.

Train hard!

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