Favorite staple giant drills

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I wanted to share a few of my favorite staple giant drills. As weird as it seems to be in August it won’t be long until optionals are approaching their first meets (September-November goes FAST). So I know we will end up in the spot we end up in every year with people wondering “will she get her giants before the first meet?” My philosophy is always the same. It’s better to put in the time on the drills and wait than to compete something that isn’t ready and may create fear and problems down the road.

Favorite staple giant drills

I love 3/4 giants, and I’ve said that over and over. But I especially love starting kids from a tap swing for one reason in particular and that is: bent arm drops. If gymnasts bend their arms/lose their shape on the drop their drop chances of them peeling go up exponentially. This way it takes out the drop which 1. gives you more time to work it technically so they don’t bend their arms 2. takes out some of the fear of the speed and falling. I really like this progression.

This second video is just an old school drop drill. You can do it like this or onto something like a resi mat (thighs hitting it), so they have to keep their body tension. How ever you do it, just make sure that this piece is technically correct before letting them try giants on the bar.

Train hard!

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