Failing to prepare is preparing to fail — Part 6

Hi All, I thought today would be a good day to do another installment of my favorite conditioning series. Today’s videos are going to highlight core strength, and these are both by Mary Lee Tracy. I tend not to like to do really heavy legs or arms two days in a row, but I find that most days (if not all) involve a decent core workout when I’m designing workouts.


This first video is a really good example of a core routine in my mind. I like having a set of say 10 exercises in a particular order that kids know, can all do together, and give them a really solid workout. As you can see, they can get a really good strength workout, in a very short amount of time if they are efficient. It’s worth investing the time to teach them a complex/routine/circuit/set of exercises (whatever you want to call it).

This second video shows a very different set of exercises. The bungee bands are nice, but be careful that you don’t expect your little ones to look like this right away. Lower the numbers at first and make sure that shapes a perfect before trying something this long.

Train hard!

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