Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail – Leg and Plyo ideas

Hi All,

A few more ideas for leg and plyo conditioning today. I’m very much in list making mode right now. There have been lots of lists of drills for updated/upcoming lectures and lists of things that are going in the new book (exciting!). So here are some things I thought you might like to add to YOUR conditioning lists.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail - more leg and plyo conditioning ideas

This first one is a nice plyo circuit. Remember with plyos we are trying to teach gymnasts to get off the floor as fast as possible. Just doing plyo work will not give your gymnasts the leg strength they need.

These next two videos are easy leg strengthening exercises to incorporate. Mat pushes are one of my favorite. Choose a bigger or smaller mat depending on the strength and size of the gymnast.

I really like these partner toe raisers. I’ve also been having gymnasts do their toe raisers with one foot and their hands on a panel mat in front of them. Trying to keep minimal weight on their hands and foot. It’s really more for stability. I like them because the up down motion tends to be straighter than when they do them standing up.

Train hard!

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