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So today I’m going to share a couple different videos about how to teach gymnasts to handstand. There are SO MANY different thoughts out there that coaches have as to how these should be taught and what specific progressions they use. My advice would be to look at as many drills as possible, and figure out what works best for you and your kids. Pick out the ones that work well, and leave the rest alone. As long as you a consistent, and insist on your gymnasts doing the drills correctly, good handstands will come.

Teaching handstands

This first video is a great one from Mary Lee Tracy at Cincinnati Gymnastics, outlining how to get your gymnasts to feel exactly where that straight body position is. Including, how to get their ribs in and their hips flat. All of these very simple (yet very important) drills are great to use as side stations or in your warm-up. Just make sure your gymnasts are doing them with perfect accuracy. That’s what will make the difference.

This second video is a really nice little tuck handstand variation. Especailly for bars, teaching kids how to keep their ribs pulled in with an easier version of a handstand. I also like to use pike handstands a lot, but this seems really awesome too.



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