Even More Warm-up Ideas

Hi All,

Today I wanted to share some more ideas for your warm-ups. I did a post earlier this week with a few things you might think about adding, but I always think it’s nice to watch other people’s warm-ups and actually see how they are putting it all together.

Even more warm-up ideas

The Region 6 warm-up got put up on Youtube, and I have to say think it’s great. For a meet warm-up it definitely hits all of the things I would want it to. For day to day I would add some things, but that’s because 1) we have more time and 2) my warm-ups tend to be longer than most. But it’s a really nice example of adding in conditioning, dance in the transitions, and lots of other things you would want in the warm-up. They even do the pike compressions I talked about on Monday.

I’m posting this second video mostly as a reminder of even more things that you can do during your warm-up that aren’t stretching. Abs are a really easy thing to add into your warm-up, and again, if they’re doing them every day you’ll see a difference more quickly.

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