Even more stalder drills

Hi All,

I wanted to share some more stalder drills today. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where/how to start stalders especially if you don’t have a strap bar and I wanted to share a few answers today.

Even more stalder drills

This first video is where I start. Sole circles, sole circles, sole circles. This is because stalders are SO much different than clear hips or giants, I want them to be comfortable with a more similar circle before I start introducing a new drop etc. I just want to get them circling with their feet close to the bar.

One of the next things I would do are stalder leg lifts. One of the hardest things to train is gymnasts to get into compression fast enough, and some of that is practice and some of it is strength so doing things like stalder leg lifts helps drill the compression shape and develop strength at the same time.

One of the next things would just be stalder swings. I would spot these at first to make sure gymnasts are getting all the way compressed and that their legs are parallel to the ground.

Train hard!

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