Even more drills for round offs

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I wanted to share a couple really nice videos on round offs. As we use round offs all the way up for tumbling, vaults, beam dismounts etc it’s important that we don’t skip things in their development. I would make sure your gymnasts understand what position they are supposed to be (ie. levering, middle position, flat hips at the end) in in each part of the round off before you let them start to try them.

Drills for better round offs

This first one is a nice little video about hurdles. I like all of these drills (especially round offing in between things). One that I would add is standing statically (in a lunge) and throwing a piece of foam – mimicking the arm swing in a round off. That’s a nice way of getting gymnasts to keep their arms narrow.

This is the latest video from JAOVideos. It’s a nice progression for round offs. Things that I would put particular emphasis on (though it’s all good) – are the needle kick as most of the round off comes from the back leg, and making sure that the hurdle is straight as developing the muscle memory of a crooked hurdle can be a major problem down the line.

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