Even more choreographed conditioning

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I’ve been on a bit of a conditioning kick recently. I’m sure you’ve noticed. But this is one of the parts of our programs that needs the most attention. We constantly need to be evaluating what’s working and what isn’t. And really if our conditioning is doing what it’s supposed to be doing, meaning, is our conditioning really helping our kids be better gymnasts? I would love to know what has worked well in your programs and what hasn’t [leave a comment below].

Even more choreographed conditioning

I personally love all of the choreographed conditioning I’ve seen recently. I think it’s fun for the kids, it also gets them thinking about how music and movement work, and a lot of these a relatively short. The other thing that I like about watching these is it gives me even more ideas as to how to build conditioning into my warm-ups. After achilles why not hold an extended hollow for 10 seconds? It’s a great way to build shaping into your workout easily.

Train hard!

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