End of summer

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So it’s getting to be the end of summer. Kids are going to go back to school and practices for some of you may be getting shorter. It’s time to prioritize what we need to get done in practice. One of the things I feel is most critical to build into almost every practice is variety. Having kids working not only the skills they will be competing and their upgrades, but also skills maybe outside their comfort zone. Having kids who a typically tumblers on beam work on straddle jumps etc. Have kids finish their assignment and then try 5 of 3 totally new skills where ever they are comfortable, tramp, floor, low beam etc. See how much confidence it gives your kids.

Partner stretching

One of my favorite things to let kids play with is tic tocs. It can turn into a nice front walkover, or an easy way to introduce a series to them. Let them play around with them and see what happens.

This second video is of a compulsory at Colorado Aerials playing around with some optional beam skills. Letting compulsories come up with optional beam routines and adding that into your normal assignment can be a great way to motivate and keep things fun.

For more drills and exercises to create strong, confident, technically correct beam workers look here:
Building Up Beam: Drills to Build Confidence and Correctness

Train hard!

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