Easy Floor Circuits

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I talk a lot about doing circuits, both with my team gymnasts and with rec gymnasts. I find that with circuits gymnasts are less prone to be bored and I can more easily introduce new skills and concepts in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

Easy floor circuits

Below are two different really easy circuits that you can do. As you can see these circuits don’t take the whole floor (I can usually get it down to 1/3 of the floor even with 7 or 8 kids). A couple things you may notice: 1) gymnasts are constantly moving 2) you can do a lot of things with simple equipment (panel mats, things for gymnasts to hold, paper plates etc). I try not to make circuits up on the spot, I find that when doing this too many things I want to work on get missed. So what I try to do is before the class I stick 4 or 5 sticky notes on my clipboard (however many rotations we have) – and quickly sketch what I’m going to do in each rotation. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but those sticky notes make it so I don’t waste 2-3 minutes during each rotation thinking about what to do.


If you’d like even more basic tumbling drills – you should check out “Beginning Tumbling – Where to start with preschool and rec (from handstands to back tucks)” it’s 94 minutes of easily taught drills and progressions that will lead to bigger and better tumbling.

Beginning Back Tumbling - Where to start with pre-school and rec - ipad

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