Drills for giants: over the top of the bar

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Today I thought I would share a few drills for giants. One of the hardest parts with giants is getting gymnasts to come over the top of the bar correctly. There are several reasons that a shape may be wrong, including: lack of tap, fear, wrists shifting at the wrong time etc. So today I thought I would share two really similar drills that I like. The point of these drills is 1) to get the toes coming over in the giant first, avoiding the bent arm, head stuck out, arch shape and 2) to help reduce fear, as going over the top of the bar can be quite scary for some gymnasts.

Drills for giants - going over the top of the bar

This first drill shows a couple different set-ups for the same type of drill. This is an easy side station to set-up if you’ve got a spare block and panel mat lying around. The more times your gymnasts go over the bar in the right shape, with their stomachs and heads in, the less likely hood of that arched giant ever happening.

This second video is another version of the same drill but on a high bar. I REALLY like this. I gets kids up to a height that is much more like what they will feel, and also allows them to feel the swing down afterward in a very safe environment.

Train hard!

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