Drills for breaking down yurchenkos

Hi All,

Today I’m going to post two similar yurchenko drills that I think are of paramount importance when teaching yurchenkos. Seperating the different parts of the yurchenko is neccessary to ensure that each piece is technically correct and sound before letting gymnasts flip yurchenkos with all the parts combined.

This first drill is the version of the drill that uses a resi mat. It’s a great place to start. Since the resi mat has give it’s a good time to use this drill is when you are still working on how gymnasts are coming in contact with the table. This will give you time to correct things without your gymnasts taking a pounding.

This second is the version using the vault. It’s important that gymnasts understand that there has to be height AND flip, and that the two are separate things. This gives the gymnasts a better feeling of what each of those things are.

If you liked this drill and would like more beginning yurchenko progressions you can find my ebook here:
Beginning Yurchenko Progressions

Train hard!

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