Drills for back tucks

Hi All,

Today I thought I would share a quick post with a couple of drills for back tucks. It is often hard to get away from spotting a million of them, or having gymnasts do them into the pit, so these may give you some ideas for some other stations you can set up.

This first drill is great for all backward flipping skills. It really teaches kids that tucking their knees in doesn’t flip them. They need to flip by rotating their hips up and over their heads. It’s also a fantastic conditioning exercise.

This second drill is a great one if you are sick of spotting back tucks. If I set this up, I would probably make gymnasts jump to candlestick first, make sure the legs are straight, then bend the legs and flip over. I like to separate those two parts really distinctly because I think it helps gymnasts not throw their head back. But these kinds of drills help build gymnasts confidence, and relieve you of doing so much spotting.

Train hard!
back tuck drills

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