Drilling yurchenko vault entries

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Today I wanted to talk a little about drills the entry on yurchenko vaults. The entry for a yurchenko can make or break the vault. I know a lot of gyms start training and competing tsuks before yurchenkos so that their gymnasts can get experience with flipping vaults while taking the time to learn the entry for yurchenkos. Really it’s something that needs to not be rushed. If there is inconsistency, if their is doubt, back up, because really if the entry is wrong it’s much harder to save this vault.

This first video is a nice set of entry drills set up in a circuit. The drill that they are doing on and off the panel mats is one that I’ve seen cropping up more and more lately. It’s really to encourage gymnasts to engage that back leg (you can do it without the panel mats too). Also the round off up to panel mat rebound drill is a really good time to reinforce your gymnasts having flat hips.

This second video is another drill I really like. If gymnasts can confidently turn their round off over onto two panel mats, there is no question of whether or not they can do it onto the board. You can also have them back tuck with their arms by their ears, it really helps them understand turning over with their hips.

Train hard!

Drill yurchenko entries

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