Drilling Front Handspring Vaults

Hi All,

It’s summer time, which means front handspring drills GALORE. Seriously. Drill, drill, drill. Three things necessary for a good front handspring beyond all else in my mind. Strong run, good body shape, and confidence. The first two mostly, but if you don’t have the third, the kid is going to stutter before the board, or bend their arms or stick their head out, no matter how strong their run and body shapes are.

This first video is a nice one of Jason Mortimer doing a whole bunch of front handspring drills with some girls at camp. I particularly like the one with the little ones off the panel mat and on to the vault. The more you do stuff like that, the better their muscle memory will be, and the less frog legged and piked vaults you’ll end up with.

This second video is a drill I highly support. THOUGH, and I must preface this DONT do it over a hard table the first time you do it. Throw an 8″ on there, or a 4″ and a sting, and only do it once your kids have good solid front tucks. That being said, it’s a huge confidence builder. If kids know they can front tuck over the table, the fear about just barely making it over goes away.

Train hard!

Drilling front handspring vaults

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