Don’t get stuck on clear hips

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I know as we come up to summer a lot of people are going to be putting a lot of important on clear hips, which is great, they’re a necessary root skills and focusing on them is important. But what I would say it that WHILE you are putting on that emphasis on clear hips. Don’t forget your other circles, your stalders, your toe shoots etc. You can always be doing drills for these on the side, so that when you kids master clear hips, you’ve already done most of the lead ups for other skills.

This first video is from Enrique Trabanino, you can watch the whole thing if you like but there is a really good drill that is really easy to set up at the 57 second mark. Add it in as another station, the same set up can be used for clear hips, so you could even say for every 3 clear hips they do they get to do that drill once.

This second drill is a nice one for stalders, just helping kids understand the compression that needs to happen underneath the bar. It can also easily be done in straps if you have those available. Either way just remember you don’t have to sacrifice clear hips to do these, but you should be doing them concurrently.

Train hard!

toe on

Photo Credit: Brian Jones

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